Spray Trigger


An easy, reusable attachment to convert Miller-Stephenson products into an efficient spray system. Features full grip trigger with leverage action for effortless spraying.


Cobra® Solvent Spray Cleaning Brush


Converts most Miller-Stephenson aerosol cleaners into an efficient, fingertip operated spot cleaning system, increasing cleaning accuracy and reducing solvent waste. NSN 7920-00-134-1998

Cobra® Duster


A patented aerosol accessory. When combined with the Aero-Duster®, the Cobra® Duster provides a powerful, non-contact, easy to use delivery system. Designed for critical and hard-to-reach areas on electronic, photographic and computer equipment.


Handheld Brushes

Quality Brushes for Electronics and Industry

Plywood Handle Hand-Laced Brushes

"Toothbrush-style" plywood handled. Fill material and tied with stainless steel wire, remains secure even in wet environments when wood handle expands and contracts. Greater density than staple set brushes


3-Row Plywood Handle Brushes

This is our most popular all-purpose "toothbrush-style," bent for knuckle protection. This standard tool is the basic brush for every tool kit


Aluminum Handle Brushes

Aluminum handle "toothbrush-style" scrash brush with 1,2, or 3 rows of bristles, hand tied into the handle for maximun bristle retention


Small Upright Brushes

Two different styles that work well for getting into areas that are tight or at an unusual angle. WA12 style is also known as a typewriter brush. The brush part on the MS-BWB12HH is angled 30º


Applicator Brushes-Zinc Plated Steel Handle


An inexpensive utility duster/cleaner that is an excellent replacement for disposable acid brushes that quickly shed fibers. Zinc plated steel handle holds the fibers in place by 5 tons of mechanical clamping and without any adhesives that could leach out and contaminate surface areas.


Applicator Brushes-Double-Ended

Two sizes, one side has a short, flat end and the other has an extra-stiff chiseled trim. Both stainless steel. A great alternative to hand-trimming acid brushes.


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Product Information

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