Release Agents

Miller-Stephenson offers high quality release agent products both in aerosol and bulk liquid form. We carry a variety of formulations to fit our customer needs.

Miller-Stephenson’s wide selection of formulations are suspensions of low molecular weight fluoropolymers in a variety of easy to use forms. Our products provide multiple releases, no migration, minimal transfer, no oils or waxes, temperature stability up to 581˚F/302˚C and chemically stable.

Boron Nitride
This release agent has high temperature stability up to 1562˚F/842˚C. It is excellent for molds to produce castings of light metals such as magnesium and for coating surfaces in glass making operations.

Non-PTFE Water Base
This release agent is designed for epoxy compounds as well as for natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Temperature stability up to 356˚F/180˚C.

NON-PTFE Release Agents
Miller-Stephenson developed a release agent that is excellent for release from metal molds. It results in a superior initial release with up to 5 times the number of release cycles on metal molds.

To learn more about our latest formulations, please contact our Technical Service Department.USA:1.800.992.2424 Canada:1.800.323.4621