EPON™ Epoxy Resins, Modifiers & Curing Agents

Miller-Stephenson offers a diverse line of EPON™ Resins, EPIREZ™ Waterborne Resins, EPIKURE™ Curing Agents, HELOXY™ Modifiers, EPONOL™ and EPONEX™ Resins and CARDURA™ Glycidyl Esters. These products vary in chemical structure, molecular weight, viscosity and functionality, providing the formulator with a multitude of options. There is at least one resin system that can be used to achieve a specific property or a combination of properties, whether it be low viscosity, chemical resistance, reactivity, flexibility, heat resistance or fire retardance.


  • Liquids & Blends offer low to moderate room temperature viscosities. They have the best balance of handling, reactivity and performance properties. EPON™ Resins, with lower viscosity, offer better wetting and higher filler acceptance. Their moderate viscosities offer better deflection of temperature at elevated temperatures and in applications requiring maximum chemical resistance. EPONOL™ Resins do not require curing agents. They are excellent film formers and can provide outstanding surface coatings by solvent evaporation alone.
  • Modifiers offer improved cured system flexibility, increased peel and impact strength, increased filler loading, improved resin wetting action and reduced viscosity and surface tension.
  • Semi-Solids & Solids have a higher molecular weight, providing reduced heat exotherm and a slight improvement in adhesion and cracking resistance.
  • Electrical Laminating resins include brominated resins that can be used to obtain fire retardance in a base epoxy resin formulation.
  • Specialties & Multifunctional resins for increased levels of heat and chemical resistance and elastomer modified resins for increased flexibility, adhesion properties and fatigue resistance.
  • Waterborne Systems offer flexibility and toughness with water clean-up, low VOC’s, reduced surface preparation, application to wet surfaces, excellent substrate wetting and fast drying time. Waterborne systems eliminate the government regulations and associated costs of solvent based systems.
  • Curing Agents can be selected for increased mechanical strength, water resistance, chemical resistance, gloss, adhesion or low temperature cure.

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