FluoroExtreme™ Lubricants


Properties of the lubricant:

  • Wide temperature range (-94ºF to 550ºF).
  • Chemically inert.
  • Insoluble in solvents, water, and steam.
  • Compatible with plastics, metal and elastomers.
  • Low outgassing.
  • Low vapor pressure.
  • Safe for use with reactive chemicals.
  • Oxygen compatible.
  • Extends service life of critical components.
  • Reduces friction & wear.

Aerosol made with Krytox™ GPL Oils

MS-110X Series (14 oz Aerosol)
MS-110X(M) Series (8 oz Aerosol)
MS-110XB Series (4 oz, 8 oz, Qt, Gal, 5G, 55G)

Nonflammable No ODC

    MS-110X Series, Product Information

    MS-110XB Series, Product Information

Aerosol made with Krytox™ GPL Greases

MS-120X Series(14 oz Aerosol)

MS-120X(M) Series(8 oz Aerosol)

Nonflammable No ODC

MS-120X Series, Product Information


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