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Chemours™ Fluoroguard™ are multifunctional polymer additives based on fluorinated synthetic oil. They are perfluoropolyether (PFPE) and have excellent color, UV, and thermal stability. Added to plastics and elastomers, they improve processing of polymers. It internally lubricates to improve flow properties, processibility, throughput, uniform mixing/dispersion of ingredients, and offers many advantages over competitive process aids.

Fluoroguard™ can be used in a variety of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers at typically less than 1% (by weight) to improve mechanical performance of products and processing characteristics such as increasing wear and flex fatigue resistance and making parts last longer.

There are three grades of Fluoroguard™:

PCA: used for enhancing product performance, while also providing processing benefits.
SG: is an especially purified form and meets USP Plastic Class VI requirements (NAMSA tested).
PRO: is based on low molecular weight oils and primarily intended for use as process aids .

Benefits and Features

  • Reduces wear and abrasion
  • Eliminates plate out and die buildup
  • Improves extrusion rate
  • Reduces machine torque and noise
  • Improves melt flow and mold release
  • Eliminates polymer stickiness
  • Has little or no effect on physical properties
  • Eliminates marring and scratching
  • Reduces/eliminates squeak/sticking
  • Has no adverse effects on adhesion
  • Is inert to polymers and other chemicals
  • Thermally stable to 680°F/360°C

In addition to these advantages, it has also been observed that there is little or no change in initial and aged physical properties of polymer compounds containing Fluoroguard®.


Fluoroguard™ can be incorporated into the polymer matrix by using conventional melt compounding equipment. Some grades can be processed at temperatures as high as 680°F (360°C) because of excellent thermal stability and low volatility. The recommended loading of Fluoroguard™ is 0.1-1.0%, depending on the base polymer matrix and final performance desired. To realize efficient Fluoroguard™ incorporation, a twin –screw extruder with liquid injection capability is most suitable for compounding this additive with thermoplastic polymers. For thermosetting polymers, a normal mixing procedure (internal mixer or other high shear mixer) can be followed.

Typical applications include:

  • Polymer gear/bushings
  • Auto weather stripping and interiors
  • Shoe soles and cleats
  • O-rings/seals
  • Polymer films
  • Processing aids
  • Cable liners

Typical Properties of Fluoroguard™

Fluorogard Properties


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Product Information


Product Information
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