Low Global Warming Products

In response to current and possible future regulations on global warming chemicals, Miller-Stephenson has developed a Low Global Warming (LGW) family of products for a variety of applications. This new advanced line of high purity products maintains its original excellence in performance.

  • MS-122ADL PTFE Release Agent Dry Lubricant

  • MS-222L Aero-Duster® Ultra

  • MS-242L Quik-Freeze®

  • MS-242LAS Antistatic Quik-Freeze®

  • MS-720L Precision Cleaning Solvent

  • MS-730L Contact Re-Nu®

  • MS-755L Heavy Duty Solvent & Flux Remover

  • H0805A Heavy Duty Solvent & Flux Remover

  • J0912A En-Rust™

Product Information:
MS-122ADL, MS-222L, MS-242L, MS-242LAS, MS-720L, MS-730L, MS-755 / H0805A, J0912A