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SAMPE SHOW 2016 in Long Beach, California

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Congratulations Chemours™

As you may have already heard, Dupont's Performance Chemicals business, which includes the Titanium Technologies and Chemicals & Fluoroproducts business began operating as a separate company known as The Chemours Company ("Chemours™"), a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont, as of January 1, 2015.

Miller-Stephenson would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Chemours™ on becoming an officially new, stand-alone Company with a 200-year-old legacy, a portfolio of market-shaping products and a renewed commitment to their customers.

Chemours™ changeover to a stand-alone Company will not affect the manufacturing of their products, lead times or order conditions. Krytox™, Vertrel® and DryFilm® are some of the Product lines that will transition from DuPont to Chemours™.


nPB and HCFC 225 Replacements

Miller-Stephenson offers nPB and HCFC 225 replacements for many applications.

The U.S. Department of Environmental Agency will ban HCFC 225 production and importation on January 1, 2015 because of its ozone depletion potential.
An OSHA alert was issued concerning the health hazards of n-Propyl Bromide (nPB). Occupational exposure to nPB has been linked to non-reversible neurological illnesses. Animal studies show that nPB may also cause cancer and reproductive disorders...more...


Introducing New Products

  • Adhesive Kits; Miller-Stephenson offers a diverse line of 2 part epoxy adhesive kits, and RTV silicone sealant/adhesive...more...
  • Penetrating Oil; Synthetic lubricating oil to penetrate the tightest crevices...more...
  • Brushes; quality brushes for electronics and industry...more...
  • MIL-SPEC Urethane Conformal Coating; base resin conforms to MIL-I-46058C Type UR and IPC-CC-830B. Provides superior toughness and abrasion resistance and excellent protection from humidity and organic solvents. Includes an ultraviolet (UV) indicator. ..more...

Ultra Low Global Warming Products

  • MS-122ADL
  • MS-222L
  • MS-242L
  • MS-242LAS
  • MS-720L
  • MS-730L
  • MS-755L
  • MS-H0805A
  • MS-J0912A

In response to current and possible future regulations on global warming chemicals, Miller-Stephenson has developed a Low Global Warming (LGW) family of products for a variety of applications. This new advanced line of high purity products maintains its original excellence in performance...more...


IPA Clean

MS-280 (12 oz Aerosol)
MS-282 (4 oz, 8 oz, Qt, Gal, 5G, 55G)

No ODC Most Economical

Excellent for removing many types of contaminants

99.8% pure anhydrous isopropyl alcohol that is excellent for removing many types of contaminants from multiple surfaces, like electronics, plastics, elastomers, metal, and wood.

Product Information


Krytox™ Cleaners

(Qt, Gal, 5G, 55G)

Nonflammable No ODC

Removes fluxes used in lead free and no-clean solders.

A nonflammable mixture of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene. It is designed to remove high temperature fluxes used in lead free and no-clean solders. It has excellent solvency power for a wide range of contaminates including ionic soils. It is compatible with most plastics, elastomers and metals. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. The lower surface tension and nonflammable properties make it an ideal ultrasonic vapor degreaser solvent. No ODC (ozone depleting chemicals).

Product Information


MS-262 Cleaner

MS-262 Spray (16 oz Trigger)
MS-262 (8 oz, 16 oz)

Nonflammable No ODC

A high quality cleaner especially suitable for non-streak cleaning of glass, metal, ceramic, polycarbonate, acrylic and plastic - including Plexiglas®. Excellent for use on dials, gauges and oscilloscopes. Also recommended for aircraft windshields. Contains no ammonia. No ODC (ozone depleting chemicals). NSN 7930-01-064-5179 (Aerosol)


En Rust™

J1209A  (12 oz Aerosol)

En Rust™ is an aerosol product designed for convenient use in many industrial applications. It contains a high performance rust and corrosion inhibitor. Low GWP (low global warming potential). VOC exempt.

Product Information

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