nPB and HCFC 225 Replacements
Miller-Stephenson offers nPB and HCFC 225 replacements for many applications.
The U.S. Department of Environmental Agency will ban HCFC 225 production and importation on January 1, 2015 because of its ozone depletion potential. 
An OSHA alert was issued concerning the health hazards of n-Propyl Bromide (nPB). Occupational exposure to nPB has been linked to non-reversible neurological illnesses. Animal studies show that nPB may also cause cancer and reproductive disorders. 
Miller-Stephenson offers safer and non-ozone depleting alternatives to nPB and HCFC 225. Our products offer: superior cleaning for a wide range of contaminates; non-ozone depleting; low order of toxicity; evaporates quickly; leaves no residue; nonflammable; compatible with most plastics, metals and elastomers and existing equipment can be used with minor or no modifications.  Some formulations are ideally suited for vapor degreasing applications. They provide excellent cleaning performance. 
High purity industrial cleaning is vital in maintaining component and system reliability. Therefore, Miller-Stephenson ensures the highest-grade manufactured-certified solvents for your cleaning needs.
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