Others Lubricants

PTFE Dry Lubricants
Miller-Stephenson dry lubricants minimize "slip stick" problems, and are most effective in low speed, light load applications.

Uses include:
  • Wire and cable
  • Thread, cord and rope
  • Chain drives
  • Gears and belts
  • Metalworking, including extrusion, rolling, drawing and sizing
  • Machine parts and tools, including nuts, bolts, thread connections, locks, power saw blades and machine mechanisms
  • Hardware, including hinges, locks and catches, window guides, and guides on cabinet drawers
  • Connector Lubricants
    Miller-Stephenson connector lubricants contain polyphenyl ethers that can help protect noble metal, multi-pin connector surfaces from wear, oxidation and tarnishing.

    The benefits from the use of these products:
  • Helps prevent galling and seizing of the precious metal connector surfaces
  • Inert toward plastics and other materials used in electrical connectors
  • Non-migrating
  • Does not impede the flow of electrical current throught the contacts
  • Electrical Contact Lubricants
    Miller-Stephenson Electrical Contact lubricants restores electrical and mechanical continuity to all types of contacts and switches.

    Excellent for:
  • Relays, tuners
  • encoders
  • Slide wires
  • Rheostats
  • Distribution panels
  • Servomechanisms and switches devices