EPON™ Epoxy Resins

EPON™ Epoxy Resins were developed to provide superior performance in a variety of end-use applications. These products enable manufacturers to achieve practically any desired performance level, while optimizing processability and strength retention at elevated temperatures. EPON™ Resins are the standard of the epoxy resin market and the foundation of the resin business. This product line includes liquid resins, solid resins, solutions, blends and other multifunctional resins based on a variety of backbones.
EPON™ Epoxy Resins are high-performance resin products/systems for use in coating, adhesive, civil engineering, structural, electronic and composite applications.

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EPIREZ™ Waterborne Resins

EPIREZ™ Waterborne Resins products offer unique handling and application characteristics for epoxy and other thermoset resins. They are compatible with one another and allow the formulator to easily combine resin types and molecular weight. They can be diluted to any desired solids level simply with water. Cleanup with water eliminates the need for solvents. Due to their high degree of compatibility with many components, they can be formulated with wetting agents; cosolvents and coupling agents for improved film formation or adhesion. Applications include flooring, civil engineering and adhesives to reduce or eliminate VOC level and the presence of hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, without sacrificing performance.

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EPIKURE™ Curing Agents

One of the broadest lines of resin systems for coatings is offered through the EPIKURE™ Specialty Curing Agent products. We offer amine hardeners that are designed for low temperature cure, blush-free film, surface-tolerant tank linings, underwater cure and MDA replacements. The numerous curing agent technologies offered enable our customers to tailor the performance of their formulations to meet the challenging demands of their coating applications while satisfying regulatory requirements.
EPIKURE™ Curing Agents find areas of applications in coatings, adhesives, potting, encapsulating, molding and fiber-reinforced (FRP) applications. Other popular coatings end-use areas of application include marine, industrial maintenance pipe linings, automotive refinish, civil engineering and secondary containment.

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Other Curing Agents

Polyamide Curing Agents are highly resistant to chemical and water corrosion and have strong adhesion to a variety of substrates. Their principle applications are in coatings, castings, potting, laminating and adhesives. They are used in industrial maintenance and marine coatings, high-performance architectural paints, high solid and conventional coatings.
Anhydride Curing Agents have excellent electrical properties, good overall chemical resistance and good physical properties. They provide a very long pot life and require a heat cure.

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Curin Agentes


EPONOL™ Resin is a high-molecular-weight epoxy resin used primarily in paint coatings and in prepreg laminates. For paint coatings, the resin offers good flexibility to help reduce chipping and cracking. For prepreg laminants, EPONOL™ Resin acts like a thickening agent and offers good flow control to help keep plastics from literally oozing and running during heating.

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HELOXY™ Modifiers

HELOXY™ Modifiers offer formulators the ability to choose between monofunctional and polyfunctional glycidyl ethers and flexibilizers for their formulating needs. They offer:

  • Improved cured system flexibility
  • Increased peel and impact strength
  • Increased levels of filler loading
  • Improved resin wetting action
  • Reduced viscosity and surface tension

HELOXY™ Modifiers are epoxy-functionalized alcohols, diols and polyols. Three classes of HELOXY™ Modifiers are offered: monofunctional glycidyl ethers, polyfunctional glycidyl ethers and flexibilizers.
The polyfunctional products include an aliphatic which provides some increase in flexibility while increasing chemical resistance and mechanical performance of the system. The cycloaliphatic modifier offers improved UV resistance when compared to aromatic modifiers and the trifunctional modifier can increase the crosslink density of a system.

There are three HELOXY™ Modifier products that are considered flexibilizers. These products can improve wetting performance; offer good color properties for outdoor applications and can increase the impact strength and toughness of a system.
Areas of application include coatings, structural engineering, adhesives, fiber reinforced (FRP) applications, potting and molding.

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EPONEX™ weatherable epoxy resin is a unique class of low viscosity epoxy resin, which in properly formulated solvent and waterborne coatings, exhibit improved exterior performance over conventional bisphenol-A type epoxy resin while retaining epoxy-like properties. This weatherable epoxy resin has been successfully applied in high solids coatings, including baking finishes, as modifiers for industrial acrylic finishes, clear coatings for wood, a binder for decorative aggregate, and in certain maintenance applications.

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Epoxy Stripping Agent MS-111

MS-111(Qt, Gal, 55G)

Nonflammable No ODC

A versatile stripping agent used to penetrate and dissolve the chemically resistant formulas of today’s castings, coatings and encapsulants. MS-111 will readily soften and strip most organic systems including cured epoxies and urethanes. It is not recommended for stripping magnet wire. MS-111 will not attack any metal surfaces or valuable metal parts during the time necessary to remove polymers. Ideal for removing encapsulants for failure analysis of electronic components. Nonflammable, low in viscosity and free-rinsing with water. No ODC (ozone depleting chemicals).

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