All solvent cleaners are not alike.

What do we mean by this statement? Simply, not all industrial cleaners have kept pace with the increasing demands for purity in high technology industries. As electronic systems have become smaller and more complex, chemical purity has become even more critical.

For years we’ve recognized high purity industrial cleaning as a vital link in maintaining component and system reliability. Here’s what we’ve done to make sure Miller-Stephenson spray cleaners can help achieve the system integrity you need.

Purity comes first!

We use only the highest grade manufacturer-certified solvents and nonflammable propellants. In laboratory testing, Miller-Stephenson spray cleaners contain the lowest residues in the industry - some approaching 5-7 parts per million. The general industry range is 50-130 ppm.

Attention - filters at work

We triple filter our solvents and propellants for the highest purity level available with today’s technology. The filtered product goes directly into special containers eliminating any possibility of contamination.

We’re fussy about our work environment.

Our production facility is immaculate and well maintained to insure the quality and purity of our products.We include the use of smocks, caps, foot coverings and special air filters.

Why do we tell you all this?

Because we believe no other spray cleaner already on the market meets these purity standards.We think the rigid standards we demand of our products will help you meet your own high level of safety and reliability.

Solvent Application Guide

Solvents Chart

To obtain our latest formulations, please contact our Technical Service Department.USA:1.800.992.2424 Canada:1.800.323.4621